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When you visit this site Web-Stat tracks the traffic so we can analyze how many people are visiting the site.

Google Analytics also tracks your visit of the site, as well as what pages you view and for how long. We identify each visitor as an individual by their IP Address which is why we collect it.


None of this information is ever associated with any personal information of yours other than your site behavior and IP Address for identification as a new and separate site visitor. We never sell or share this information with any parties.

When you contact me through the contact form a copy of your message and any information you include is stored both on Wix as well as my personal email inbox where the message is received. I use this information solely to respond to your query. I do not use email lists so don't ever expect any un-wanted junk mail from me.

So why do I collect your information if I am not going to do something mean and terrible with it? To better understand and serve the needs of you, my clients, and site visitors so I can better help you find what you need.


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